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Improving Quality of Life for Residents and Their Families

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Since 2007, I have been coordinating and providng mental health treatment for the residents of several long-term care and assisted living communities in Manatee County and Sarasota.  In the course of my work, I have provided several educational presentations for skilled nursing and assisted living staff, hospital staff, and families of residents in long-term care.  These presentatons have focused on issues of resident/patient quality of life, safety, and general mental health. If you would like to request that I present one of the topics listed below at your facility, please Contact Me.


  • Suicide Assessment & Prevention - In this presentation, I provide information on the factors associated with a higher risk of suicide and clear instructions for assessing risk and lethality in a healthcare setting.  In addition, I outline appropriate methods of intervention in healthcare facilities.

  • Managing Aggressive Residents - In this presentation, I examine the challenges of providing care to an aggressive resident or patient.  I outline the causes of aggression, how aggression may manifest itself differently in different types of individuals, and the ways staff can effectively manage aggression.

  • Meeting the Emotionl Needs of Different Resident Types - In this presentation, I categorize patients/residents into four different personality types and discuss ways to meet their emotional needs, reduce resistance to care, set appropriate limits when necessary, and encourage health-promoting behaviors.

  • Coping with Grief & Loss - In this presentation, I discuss the various causes of grief, the symptoms of grief, and the methods of coping with grief and overcoming a major loss.  I discuss the differences between simple grief, complicated grief, and major depression.  I underscore the importance of utilizing various social supports during the grieving process; and, if necessary, contacting a mental health specialist.


  • Guilt & Long-Term Care - In this presentation, I discuss the impact that guilt can have on family members with loved ones in long-term care facilities and the ways family members can cope with this guilt.

  • Caring for Family Members with Dementia - In this presentation, I discuss several methods of managng the stress associated with caring for a loved one who has dementia.  I outline methods of reducing caregiver frustration, creating a safe environment, and improving communication with a loved one who has dementia.

  • Caring for Family Members with Parkinson's Disease - In this presentation, I discuss several methods of managing the stress associated with caring for a loved one who has PD.  I outline the common behavioral, cognitive, and emotional symptoms of the illness and discuss methods of reducing caregiver frustration, creating a safe environment, and maximizing the functioning of your loved one.


  • Overcoming Apathy & Depression - In this presentation, I outline the emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms of depression.  I then discuss proven methods of overcoming these symptoms so one can regain control of feelings and negative thought patterns, and find enjoyment in life again.